New special cement for precast elements

Building with industrially manufactured precast concrete elements is in line with the trends of our time. Optimal production conditions lead to high-quality results. The new special cement Optavelox is a product solution developed by Opterra to meet demands for higher quality in the manufacture of technically complex structural precast elements.

The series production of structural precast elements is also subject to great economic pressure. At the same time, the technical requirements imposed on the manufacture of precast elements are also increasingly strict. To optimize the degree of capacity utilization and to simultaneously ensure high technical quality, the raw materials and binders used – in addition to ideal process conditions – play decisive roles.

Concrete of significantly higher early strength

The special cement Optavelox, a specifically composed cement according to the relevant standard, promotes significantly higher early strength of concrete. This means that expensive formwork can be more efficiently used and the energy balance of heat treatment considerably improved. Optavelox furthermore promotes good workability in terms of consistence and markedly reduces the tendency to air entrainment.

Optavelox satisfies the requirements of a CEM I 52,5 R according to EN 197-1. These characteristics make this special cement suitable for use in all exposure classes. Its use is ideal in the production of large-size concrete elements. Optavelox is especially advantageous when used in combination with subsequent heat treatment, particularly in the production of thin-walled precast elements.


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