New release agent with higher flash point launched

Master Builders Solutions does not use any longer flammable solvents for their newly formulated concrete release agents. According to the information given by the manufacturer, they were able to develop the new MasterFinish RL 450 series by using a special combination of raw materials, maintaining the advantages of using highly solvent-containing form release agents, while providing significant customer benefit and a higher level of occupational safety.

Products which contain a considerable proportion of flammable hydrocarbon solvents are often used in the market for concrete release agents. Their market share is assumed to be up to 25 % of the total market in Germany and Europe. The advantage of such mixtures of mineral oil or vegetable oil and solvent is obvious. The solvent content evaporates shortly after the application of the release agent by spraying (5 to 20 min.). Then, the thin film of the non-volatile release agent that remains ensures an excellent demolding capability and an outstanding surface of the concrete component. The users, moreover, appreciate the robust behavior of these products, when applying them. Even applying too large quantities is not affecting the quality of the concrete surface. Solvent-free products react much more critical in this regard.

Same behavior

at higher flash point

However, considerable disadvantages in terms of occupational safety are conflicting with these much welcome advantages. The flash points of such release agents are usually between 25 and 40 degree Celsius, in some cases even below. This means that a mixture of air and solvent vapor may inflame by a spark leading to a deflagration with subsequent fire. Therefore, special storage conditions are required by law for such products. The storage space must have explosion-proof electrical installations and a stipulated air exchange per hour, in order to avoid the formation of explosive mixtures. In addition to that, these products are subject to special transport regulations and have to be handled as hazardous goods. Special containers, especially equipped vehicles and particularly trained drivers are required for this purpose.

All these disadvantages are eliminated for the new concrete release agents of the MasterFinish series of BASF, thus for the customers too, according to the manufacturer. After a transitional period, the company will only use solvents with a flash point above 60 degree Celsius. The desired behavior of the release agents is not affected by an optimized manufacturing process of the solvent. Despite the higher flash point the application and the achieved results remain unchanged or they are even better, for example, the robust and easy processing behavior. Anyhow, the users need no longer comply with the requirements concerning storage, application and transportation of the release agents. For storage at a precast concrete plant, for example, there is no longer the need for providing explosion-proof rooms. The previous gasoline-like odors during the spraying process are considerably reduced so that the user works in a much better ambient atmosphere during processing. Unpleasant odors do no longer exist.

Benefits regarding

labeling and transport

The labeling of the new MasterFinish release agents in compliance with GHS and CLP regulations is reduced to a minimum. Only the hazard pictogram H304 regarding “aspiration hazard when swallowed” has to be shown. Which means that the products do not require more labeling than other concrete release agents containing mineral oil.

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