New precast concrete plant erected in Denmark

The Danish companies ØSB, Svinninge Beton Industri, Byggebjerg Beton Industri and Abeo form the Industri Beton Holding A/S. This group manufactures a wide range of precast concrete elements for renovation, conversion and for entirely new projects. These include delivery of complete frameworks for structures, including design and erection, as well as elements for facilities, infrastructure, tanks and agriculture.

In 2018, the company Svinnninge Beton Industri decided to integrate a new precasting plant in an existing building.

The engineering company Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG developed a perfect solution for adapting the new plant to the existing conditions in the hall and, based on this, was awarded the contract for the project.


Specific individual requirements

Because this project was not to be implemented on a “green field site,” a number of the pre-existing conditions in the plant had to be taken into account. For one, the clear height of the hall was very low and the pallet size specified measured an impressive 4.5 x 13.0m. The company Svinninge Beton Industri planned to manufacture a wide range of solid concrete elements and sandwich walls in the new plant and for that reason the pallets were designed up to a maximum self-weight of 50 tons.

Svinninge Beton Industri manufactures exclusively individual elements, which could not be integrated into a circulation system. As a solution, Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG proposed integration of a central transport system. This enables rapid transport of the pallets to the individual work stations, which are setup offline without waiting times.

The central transport system has another advantage in that it is able to transport two pallets simultaneously. This has a positive effect on utilization planning and rapid pallet transport. A concrete spreader with two buckets was integrated to enable processing of different concrete types, e.g. gray and colored concrete.

A straightening and cutting plant with bending head, from another supplier, was integrated for reinforcement manufacture.

The helicopter troweling machine used ensures a smooth surface quality of the manufactured concrete elements. The combination of helicopter troweling machine and screed can be used to create a wide range of surface effects.

Two tilting stations transport the manufactured precast components to separate areas outside.


WAvision master computer supports planning

For supporting production planning, Svinninge Beton Industri uses the WAvision master computer from Weckenmann Anlagentechnik. The WAvision master computer assists the operator of the plant in day-to-day operations and supports medium-term planning. Its principal function at Svinninge Beton Industri is production planning and control.

The Webflow module enables representation of the significant information on the smartphone, which is available everywhere and at all times. The Maintenance Department profits from the graphic display of error messaging and as planning software for recurrent maintenance intervals.


Surface quality through proper compaction

Optimized compaction of the concrete is of central significance for the quality of concrete components. In order to provide the precast components with the specified strength and other characteristics desired by the designer, the concrete must be mechanically compacted. The chosen process, high-frequency or low-frequency technology, depends on the consistency of the concrete used. Compaction at Svinninge Beton Industri takes place either by an oscillating vibratory frame or by MagVib vibration technology.

With the MagVib vibration technology, vibratory plates are fitted to the underside of the shuttering panels. In the compaction station, the installed external vibrators are electromagnetically force-locked to the vibratory plates. The high-frequency vibrators shake the formwork by directional vertical oscillations. With the MagVib technology, the vibration energy quickly finds its way into the precast component and is uniformly distributed over the pallet. The rotational speed can be infinitely adapted by inverter, depending to the consistency of the concrete, and the vibration time varied.


Additional retrofitting possible at any time

The new precasting plant was put into operation in the summer of 2018 and employs a workforce of 50. At the start, 13 pallets were in operation. Due to the high utilization of the plant after it was put into service, additional pallets for production of the precast components were already invested in.

Weckenmann had planned the plant in such a way that one plotter and an automatic pallet cleaner can be retrofitted without any problem. Furthermore, retrofitting with a curing chamber was also provided for. In this way, Sinning Baton Industry is optimally prepared to meet future requirements and the resulting increases in capacity.

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