New permanent fixing system in conformity with Eurocode

The long-standing motto of „The world is in motion. We provide stability.“ is now completed by „Now, even more permanently“. Because the new Philipp permanent fixing system (PB system, see Fig. 1) provides the user with a solution allowing for long-lasting fixing of elements or connection structures of any kind to precast concrete elements as well as cast-in-situ concrete components. Planners moreover will appreciate the fact that the design is based on the new Part 4 of Eurocode 2 (DIN EN 1992-4), the current standard regulation for the design of fastenings for use in in concrete.

This normative standard is also the basis for the associated European Technical Assessment (ETA-17/0015) specifying the most important resistance values in respect of tensile and shear loads or combinations of the same. In addition, the ETA is the basis for CE marking of this structural member, thus allowing for unrestricted access to the European single market. The PB system consists of a total of five anchors in size RD12-30, each comprising a threaded socket pressed on a hexagon bolt. All anchors can either be acquired in a galvanized version or a stainless steel version. All components comply with the highest quality standards and are therefore suitable for all kinds of fastenings of reinforced or unreinforced, cracked or uncracked normal concrete of strength classes C20/25 to C50/60. The load-bearing capacities meet designing engineers‘ high expectations that are customary in the market; the installation, no matter whether surface-flush or as a recessed version, is carried out with effortless ease and rather quickly using the matching accessories. As standard, the PB anchors are supplied with an identification ring indicating size, direction of loading and maximum installation torque, but also to prevent that they are confused with transport anchors which are often very similar.


Range of applications virtually inexhaustible

The range of applications for permanent fixing systems is virtually inexhaustible. Typical applicabilities, among others, are railing and staircase fastenings (see Fig. 2), the fixing of ducts and supply lines in all varieties of design, but also for connecting, fastening and aligning of precast concrete elements. In many cases, well planned and prefabricated anchoring points in concrete components can substitute dowel solutions which need to be inserted subsequently in a partly elaborate way.

Along with the actual „hardware“, the appropriate software for the professional design of a permanent anchorage is of course provided as well. The extremely easy and user-friendly Philipp Phixation software is a free service and is available for download at the Philipp website. As expected, the common fastening possibilities are available, being accompanied by the preparation of clear and verifiable structural analyses.

The intense development work has paid off in any respect, the outcome is a system that creates confidence and is designed for permanence – in the true sense of an excellent technical but also sustainable solution. And the development does not even cease here. The next steps have already been taken for planning and/or design, that is to say ‚permanent‘ development.

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