New line of pigment dosing machines

The Davis Colors division of global chemical company Venator has launched three new advanced, automatic, pigment dosing machines that can make the production of colored ready-mix concrete cleaner, more consistent and, in some cases, twice as quick.

The Chameleon G, the Chameleon-GT and the Chameleon Bagging System are the latest additions to the Davis Colors equipment range of PC-operated, ready-mix, automatic color metering systems, which are engineered specifically for the construction industry. All three new machines work in combination with Venator’s Granufin pigment technology – a range of high quality, spray-dried microgranules, optimized for stability and dispersibility.

New line was launched at bauma 2019

Notable for their size and sturdiness, the three new Chameleon machines are compact, rugged, and have a small footprint – with the Chameleon-G and the Chameleon-GT delivered in secure, weatherproof containers that enable easy outdoor use. Standing at around 9ft high, each machine is easily accessible, making the loading and refilling process safer to manage. The machines also function without the use of air-operated actuators or valves.

Davis Colors is a division of Venator – the experts in pigment and additives for the construction industry. Davis Colors manufactures liquid, powder and granule color plus color pigment dosing systems. Other machines available in the Chameleon range include the Chameleon Ready Mix; the Chameleon Pre-Cast; and the Chameleon Express. These machines are all used in combination with Davis Colors Hydrotint liquid pigments.

The new line of pigment dosing machines was launched at bauma 2019 in Munich.


Davis Colors

3700 East Olympic Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90023/USA

+1 844 341 4780

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