New lightweight concrete roof tile presented

Doppel-S roof tiles manufactured with Aerlox technology is the latest roof tile innovation from Braas: extremely light and yet stable. Use of a lightweight special concrete has reduced both the material thickness at the middle of the tile body and, accordingly, the tile weight. As a result, Braas offers with its Doppel-S Aerlox lightweight roof tile a high-quality solution for older buildings in need of rehabilitation whose roof structural engineering imposes restrictions.

The development of Doppel-S Aerlox is based on a definite need: buildings with simple roof structures designed for a unit weight area of about 25 to 30 kg/m² exist in many regions of Germany. This presents a problem for roof tiles, because a traditional pantile roof covering weighs on the average 42 kg/m². Following intensive research, Bass has now succeeded in developing an especially lightweight roof tile which weighs only approx. 2.8 kg instead of conventionally 4.3 kg.

Aerlox – the technological innovation

For manufacturing a roof tile such as the time-tested Doppel-S Pfanne from Braas, primarily water, cement and sand are required. With the Aerlox technology, the sand is replaced with lightweight aggregate to reduce the weight. At the same time, the underside of the lightweight roof tile was optimized to enable manufacture of a thinner tile.

Doppel-S Aerlox, as for all roof tiles from Braas, was developed as one element of the Braas roofing system. The new lightweight roof tiles are therefore not only frost-resistant and rainproof, but are also harmonized to match the existing product range – because they have the same profile as a Doppel-S tile. This means that the Doppel-S molded components and the roof system components match perfectly and can be installed with the new Doppel-S Aerlox without problem.


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