New high-performance factory in Thailand for twelve pallets per hour

Pruksa Real Estate Public Co. Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading companies in residential construction using precast concrete elements. With a major investment in equipment of Ebawe Anlagentechnik and Progress Maschinen & Automation, Pruksa built a new solid wall factory with an extensive capacity.

It is already the second high-performance plant to be installed by Ebawe and Progress at the end customer Pruksa in Thailand. Following the commissioning of the first fully automated factory with a capacity to concrete ten pallets per hour in 2010, the building contractor in Asia has raised the bar even higher this time: The new factory should be equipped with an even higher level of automation in order to ensure an increased machine capacity of twelve pallets concreted per hour.

Particular sophistications of this second new factory, which was erected in the industrial zone of Nawa Nokarn near...

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