New grading machine for road construction developed

Harcon, the Dutch manufacturer of quality grading boxes, has now developed a new grading machine, the “Leveller,” for mounting on wheel loaders, crawlers and skid-steer loaders. The basis for this new development is the “Blademaster” and once again developed in-house in collaboration with Kieboom Laser Systems. Harcon Levellers are designed for medium and large wheel loaders with a height of 65 cm and widths of 2.0 m to 3.0 m.

The small Harcon Levellers with widths of 1.40 m to 2.0 m are designed for mini wheel loaders as well as crawlers and skid-steer loaders. These have a height of 50 cm and offer operators, among other features, an excellent view. This is made possible because both the connection and the independent wheel suspension are installed at a very low height. The other great advantage is that Harcon Levellers are able to level steadily in two directions.

Available with every desired machine control

In addition, Harcon Levellers are equipped with a shovel on the front-end to remove excess material and dump it in other places where needed. Harcon Levellers are especially well-suited for use on parking places as well as for hall and road construction. Harcon Levellers can be delivered with any desired machine control in 2D and 3D, for example, from Moba, Dtech, Topcon, Leica and Spektra.


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