New edition of Code of Practice „Parking Garages and Underground Parking Structures“

The DBV Code of Practice „Parking Garages and Underground Parking Structures“ (DBV-Merkblatt „Parkhäuser und Tiefgaragen“) is one of the publications of the comprehensive DBV Collection of Guides to Good Practice, that are subject to frequent and sometimes controversial discussions among experts. With the version of January 2018, the German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (DBV – Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik Verein E.V.) has now published the third revised edition which was developed in intense discussions. The new edition reflects the experiences made in practical application of updated rules and regulations in concrete construction and the two previous editions since 2005 for planning and construction of parking structures. The participants of the so-called „Münchner Runde“ („Munich Discussion Group „) were also involved in the discussions.

The DBV Code of Practice „Parking Garages and Underground Parking Structures“ contains planning principles, solutions for specific details, instructions for construction works and, above all, measures for ensuring adequate durability of parking structures. This comprises many relevant guidelines regarding the construction of parking structures which have proven their value in practice.

The code of practice primarily deals with the requirements on planning and construction of new parking garages and underground parking structures. An application on existing parking structures is analogously possible, however, evaluations on a case-by-case basis as well as compensation measures should be taken into account, such as those typical for existing structures. A compromise in the consideration between usage requirements, planned (remaining) useful life, maintenance and operating costs, the visual appearance and so on are the general rule in an existing context.


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