Mold frame unit for concrete stepped section and concrete structure construction method

(10) WO 2020/003726 Al

(22) 25.04.2019

(43) 02.01.2020

(57) Provided are: a mold frame unit suitable for efficiently forming a concrete structure having a stepped structure; and a construction method. A mold frame unit X according to the present invention is provided with an embedded panel 10, bolts 20, and fixtures 30. The embedded panel 10 has, for example, a surface 11, which includes a surface having improved adhesiveness, a surface 12 on the reverse side of the surface 11, and bolt penetration holes 13. Each of the fixtures 30 has: an end surface 31 for abutting the embedded panel; and a screw hole section 32 into which the bolts can be screwed from the end surface 31 side, and is configured to be connectable to an assembly location side connection member. A construction method according to the present invention is a method for forming a concrete structure including a stepped structure of a first upper surface and a second upper surface higher than the first upper surface, the method including: a step for assembling a required number of panels including the embedded panel 10 of the mold frame unit X.


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