Mixing Tower produces UHPC Concrete for Wind Turbines

The Max Bögl Group of Companies acquired a new Liebherr mixing tower for production in Osterrönfeld, Germany. An inauguration party celebrated commencement of operations on 16th of July, 2014 for the newly-established precast concrete factory and the concrete mixing plant. This site will produce exceptionally demanding hybrid towers for the purposes of wind energy. Hybrid towers for wind turbines produced by the Max Bögl Company are up to 140 meters in height and comprise of 17 concrete rings and three steel segments. A particularly high strength of concrete (C100/115) is necessary and the mix formula must meet these exacting requirements accordingly (e. g. Water-cement ratio 0.25).

Complex mixing tests using innovative formula were successfully conducted by ­Liebherr at their in-house technical test centre in Bad Schussenried at the end of 2013. The new ­Liebherr ring-pan mixer RIM 2.5-D proved to be the optimum equipment for mixing of these special concrete types.

Mixing tower Betomat V/875 type mixing tower

The Max Bögl Group of Companies opted for a Betomat V / 875 type mixing tower. Up to 875 m³ of aggregates can be loaded into eight chambers, ensuring a storage volume sufficient for two days of production. The entire mixing plant, including ring-pan mixer and weighing of gravel, cement, water and admixtures, is designed around a redundancy concept. Both systems produce synchronously and discharge directly into the bucket transport system for subsequent conveyance into the production halls.

Special design features include sample withdrawal points on the ring-pan mixers, a cleaning platform, optional alternative discharge of concrete into the truck mixers and a residual concrete recycling plant.


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