Betomat for high-performance concrete

For many years now, the Max Bögl group of companies headquartered in Sengenthal has been a competent and reliable partner when it comes to the production of tunnel segments of high quality. The biggest individual order in the company history of the group so far is the contract for the production and delivery of tunnel segments for the Filder Tunnel as part of the Stuttgart 21 project, worth about 80 million euros. The contract comprises the production of 53,620 tunnel segments with an overall weight of about 650,000 tons.

Task and solution

One key factor was to choose a mixing plant that provides the possibility for flexible extension for the handling of future tasks and that can be integrated in the already existing precast plant without any problems. As an optimum solution for this task, Liebherr developed together with Max Bögl a concept consisting of the Betomat 5 mixing plant with a storage volume of 875 m³ for aggregates, distributed over eight chambers.

Ring-pan mixer as core component

Two Liebherr RIV 2.5-D ring-pan mixers of the latest generation are the core component of the mixing tower. Due to the extraordinary design of the RIV 2.5-D, it is possible to alter the speed for the main mixer and the agitators variably and independently of each other, thus guaranteeing perfect results for the mixing of high-performance concrete types.

An optimum accessibility for all service positions, for the daily work, is ensured through generous space on the individual platforms and largely designed openings of the mixing system. The Betomat 5 mixing plant is perfectly integrated into the already existing Sengenthal precast plant of the Max Bögl group.


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