Method for manufacturing of a concrete element

(10) LT2774812 (T)

(22) 27.01.2020-01

(57) The invention relates to a transfer car, which is intended to be used in the manufacture of a concrete element. In the manufacture, the concrete element (12) is supported on a rack (10) and the transfer car (11) is arranged to move the rack (10). The frame structure (13) forming part of the transfer car (11) includes two essentially parallel frames (14, 15), which are arranged to extend on both side of the rack (10), and which rack (10) is arranged to form a storage rack for the concrete element (12). The invention also relates to a system in the manufacture of a concrete element.

(71) SORA JA BETONI V SUUTARINEN OY [FI] + (Sora ja Betoni,

V. Suutarinen Oy)

(73) SUUTARINEN TIMO [FI] + (Suutarinen, Timo)

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