Memorial Du Camp de Rivesaltes:
Obeisance to the victims

The former largest internment camp of the republic was converted into a memorial site in the vicinity of Perpignan in the South of France. For this purpose, a 220m-long, hermetically closed huge building made of ocher-colored architectural concrete was built on the sometime drill ground of the camp.

The ground is characterized by one-story ruined buildings made of fiber-reinforced concrete, providing a hostile impression. These are the remains of the former military barracks built in the 1930s for the colonial army so that the recruits at that time became seasoned to the hot climate, which had been waiting for them during their mission in Africa later. During the Second World War, the military facility became a transit camp for Jews and Roma people, who were interned here first by the pro-Nazi Vichy Regime and then deported to the determination camp in Poland. Yet in the post war time...

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