Development of open-structured cement-bound paving blocks

Low-noise concrete block pavement under practical ­conditions

Concrete block road surfacings are an established alternative to concrete and asphalt surfacings, in particular in inner-city areas, since they enable simple and rapid construction and are of high aesthetic value. Although block pavements are primarily used in residential areas, product development has so far not focused on their noise-reducing properties. Within the scope of a joint research project at the Center for Building Materials and Materials Testing (cbm) at Munich Technical University aimed at achieving noise-reducing properties through open-structured concrete paving blocks. The...

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Issue 2014-02 A joint research project at Munich Technical University

Low-noise open-structured concrete block pavement –

Great population density means that traffic volume in metropolitan areas is as a rule very high. This leads to high traffic-induced noise exposure, which can have a negative effect on the health and...

Issue 2016-07

Low-noise concrete block paving

For pavement construction, the current situation is such that a correction value of + 3 to + 6?dB(A) has been assigned to the now outdated RLS-90 directive for noise protection on roads. In comparison...

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Cost-effective reformatting of paving blocks

The typical arrangement of the blocks on a production pallet is one designed for normal manual laying. A total of 52 rectangular blocks 200 x 100 mm in size, and in four rows of 13 blocks each, are...

Issue 2019-02 Current situation regarding rulesets ZTV Pflaster, EN 1338 ff.

Code of Practice on “Low-Noise Paving”

A number of rulesets for road construction are currently being revised or pending publication. The revised edition of ZTV Pflaster-StB (Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen zur Herstellung von...

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Paving block used against nitrogen oxides in Stuttgart

On the site of the former freight train station in Bad Cannstatt, Germany, a new 25-hectare residential and industrial estate, NeckarPark, is currently under construction. The site was acquired in...