Internal curing composition for concrete mixtures

(10) WO 2013/177318 A2
(22) 22 May 2013 (22.05.2013)
(43) 28 November 2013 (28.11.2013)
(57) A cementitious mixture including drinking water treatment waste (DWTW) solids, an aggregate, cement and water exhibits improved cement hydration, compressive strength and mitigated autogenous shrinkage. DWTW solids provide an internal curing agent for use with a cementitious mixture. DWTW solids are produced by a water treatment process of flocculating water to produce floc having entrained water, allowing the floc to settle out and dewatering the floc to produce DWTW solids. The DWTW solids form up to...

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Issue 2013-07

(11) EP 2 591 676 A1 (22) 02.11.2012 (43) 15.05.2013 (71) Effmert, Vilem, 39201 Sobeslav (CZ) (57) The invention relates to a concrete mixture, concrete, and a concrete product with increased...

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