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Innovative solutions for economic and sustainable quality concrete production

Natural ressources get more and more limited worldwide. On the other hand the demand for enough and environmental friendly concrete remains a fundamental precondition of economic growth and stability.

Liebherr faces this responsibility and is intensively working on that and is already providing significant improvements in optimizing precast and ready-mix concrete production.

Liebherr´s concrete technology division is part of the Liebherr group and provides a full range of solutions for the production, transport and distribution of quality concrete. In its main factory Liebherr Mischtechnik GmbH, Bad Schussenried in southern part of Germany, 650 employees produce yearly around 100 batching plants, 2400 truckmixers and since 2013 also concrete pumps. 

To follow the environmental challenge it is necessary to consider, analyze and integrate all components of the complex production process: Liebherr´s experts in product design and technology here can build up on the full range of concrete production components and with supported by the fully equipped concrete laboratory test and tune all components to provide an individual customized and optimized concrete production.

Modular component-concepts and flexibility in construction layout allows Liebherr to provide cost friendly and also individually customized concrete production solutions to the special needs of each customer.

Starting at the beginning of the process Liebherr is able to provide various storage concepts for the gravel knowing that the number of different gravels used is growing and beside the classic gravels also recycled material have more and more to be considered. Liebherr´s answer are storage solutions with up to 12 different gravels and 2000 tons capacity stored in a stationary round tower silo, a classic Inline silo or an container tower silo. They take care, that for all different material parameters the best possible dosing and feeding components like dosing flaps and conveyors to ensure a reliable flow of all materials.

Coming to next important part of each plant Liebherr provides storage and feeding solutions for all needed kinds of cement, micro-silica, fly-ash, steel and polyproplyen-fibers as well as additives in liquid and powder form.

Here as well as at the gravel storage we seriously take care to be able to provide always the latest environment-protection technology like extremely efficient dust filters, leckage protetctions, noise reduced motors and gearboxes.

Beside above mentioned components the most important parts of an optimized concrete batching plant are the “heart” and the “brain” of it meaning the mixing-system itself and the control system.

 The mixer systems are designed and produced completely inhouse and especially for high-end applications in the precast industry we developed a brand new series of ring-pan mixer with various speed control for the mixing unit itself and the 1 or 2 agitators. Depending on the individual mix design these mixers in combination with 2 frequency converters can realize the optimal rotation speed at every second of the mixing process.

Also the “brain” meaning the control systems for our plants are designed and produced inhouse. Efficient soft-and hardware SPS-design ensures high liability in operation and mixing consistency: Measuring the material characteristics like water ratio of the gravels in realtime during the weighing process, automatic consistency control and consistency regulation during the mixing process are important features which make the Liebherr Control system to an which leaves no wishes open. Very important is the possibility to connect the control system with all other components of the precast factory like bucket-elevator systems or the production lines: Flexile and open interfaces are the answer.

Remote service and software updates, predictive maintenance and data logging are integrated. Beside that Liebherr continuously take care, that the complete plant solution is on the latest stage of health & safety technologies like automatic cleaning modes for the mixer, safety lockings and emergency offs.

Last not least all components are designed to lowest possible consumption of electric power. Using high efficient electric motors and frequency converters guarantee that at every time only that energy is consumed what is needed.

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