Innovative reinforcement solutions from MBK

The mechanical engineering company MBK Maschinenbau GmbH, based in the German city of Kisslegg, has developed since its founding in 1961 into one of the leading manufacturers of welding machines and plant facilities for the construction and concrete industries. Engineering expertise, strict quality stan-dards, a wealth of innovative ideas, social competency, and innovative power ensure the standing of this medium-sized family enterprise, with its more than 900 installed machines in operation in more than 60 countries.

The MBK product portfolio comprises cage welding machines for manufacturing reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry. Currently, two machines are available for manufacturing square reinforcement for drilled and impact-driven piles, columns, and beams. The company also operates one cage welding machine for the manufacture of round and square reinforcement, one wire straightening and cutting system – as well as one each mesh welding machine for manufacture of small-sized and strip mesh and for the manufacture of reinforcement mesh for large-area elements, frame profiles, L- und U-shaped precast elements, and boxes and rectangular pipes. A fully flexible system for automatic manufacture of CAD-based mesh reinforcement for precast element production and lattice-girder welding machines round out the company portfolio.

Nearly all machines can be optionally fitted with additional features. The general accessory program is very comprehensive and designed to simplify workflows. Great operational safety and low operating and maintenance costs are benefits that complete the overall corporate picture.

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