Innovation award for re-useable recess units

At the end of February, Jordahl Innogain was awarded the Innovation Award of the Supplier Industry for Building Parts at the 59th Ulmer Beton Tage. This prize is awarded annually by the FBF Betondienst GmbH, the organizer of the Beton Tage, and the technical journal BFT International and is endowed with a total amount of 3,000 euros. The prize is awarded for innovations in the field of concrete technology, production technology, reinforcement and fixing technology, machine and plant engineering, automation as well as services. Assessment criteria are the degree of innovation and the originality of the proposal, the relevance for the precast concrete industry, the marketing and application potential as well as consideration of technical standards.

The secret of this recess unit lies in the perfect interaction of a specially formed steel core with a flexible polyurethane sheathing. The Jordahl Innogain JIG is positioned in the form, where the recess is to be created. Depending on the application, there exist various possibilities for fastening the unit to the wood or steel form; for example by means of screw connection or with the magnets that are integrated in the accessories.

Cost savings through re-utilization

The recess unit can be installed with high precision and stays in its fixed position during casting. After the concrete has hardened, the Jordahl Innogain JIG is pulled out. There remains, depending on the product used, a clean smooth or profiled recess. Once removed from the recess, the Jordahl Innogain JIG once again reverts to its original shape and can be re-used up to 200 times without requiring complex preparation, when appropriately cleaned, carefully handled and properly stored.

Jordahl GmbH offers a broad product range for use in wall elements, columns, beams and balconies, floors or foundations as well as for forming pocket holes, through-holes, and round, angular, narrow or wide recesses. A wide range of accessories is available for convenient and secure fastening of the recess units to wood or steel forms as well as for their assembly and disassembly.

The traditional Bremer AG uses the recess units too. The company stands for more than 60 years for sound and reliable construction services as a provider of precast concrete products. Elements weighing up to 130 t or beams of up to 56 m length are manufactured in the company’s own precast plants in Paderborn and Leipzig. For so far 2,500 completed projects, among them, for example, logistics or office buildings, furniture stores and parking structures, or sports stadiums, the company located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia acts mostly as general contractor and, as one-stop supplier, offers everything from planning to logistics to turn-key construction. Reliability and on-time delivery performance at the construction site as well as a high quality standard for cost-saving solutions are priorities.

Simple creation of pocket recesses

The Paderborners searched for more efficient methods for ensuring safe and secure transport for the double T-beams. Until now, two floors were stacked on top of each other and lashed onto the truck, using chains and spacer timber. This method, however, carried the risk that the upper floor surfaces of the double T-beams, which for the most part measure 11.6 x 3 m, would become damaged. “Providing the beams with pocket recesses in front of the webs and inserting steel rods for lashing down the cargo weighing many tons, appeared to us a more secure method,” explained Paul Peters, building technician in Production Planning. “In our search for a material- and cost-saving solution for creating the pockets, we happened upon the Innogain recess system from Jordahl. After a test phase of several weeks, we choose the new recess unit Innogan JIG Plug B size 28 x 400 mm, which we have now successfully used for more than a year.”

Bremer AG sees additional possibilities of application for the Innogain technology for subsequently concreted reinforcement connections; for example for using the Jordahl recess units instead of the corrugated pipes that can be used only one time.

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