Submitted by: Faymonville

Innovation: Telescopic inloader

Higher and higher, wider and wider – the superlatives that are often taken up in sports can also be applied to other sectors. In the construction and the concrete industry one can therefore speak of “longer and longer.” Carriers, for example, are nowadays also confronted with requests outside the ordinary. And for those cases, the Belgian manufacturer Faymonville has developed the optimal vehicle for the concrete industry.

Where the task calls for transporting overlong precast concrete elements, the telescopic Prefamax offers the optimal transport solution. The classic variety of this inloader...

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Innovation: Telescopic inloader – short version

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Issue 05/2015 Faymonville

Prefamax delivered

The Pongratz family enterprise, headquartered in the German city of Freising near Munich, based on its many years of experience, is regional market leader in transport of precast concrete parts. The...

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Weight-optimized Prefamax

The Faymonville Group has optimized its Prefamax inloader for precast concrete products. Apart from the hydraulic model there is now a lighter, air-suspended version available. According to...

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Alsatian company TPE builds on PrefaMax

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PrefaMax now also on the fifth continent

Faymonville has been able to establish itself “down under” for a long time. Low-bed trailers and platform trailers from Belgium can be seen both in the outbacks and in the urban regions of...