Innovation: Kooltherm K20

Area and space became increasingly important during the last years. For both new buildings and refurbishment properties applies: Each square meter matters and pays off. The focus lies on the building envelope. Especially for this reason, Kingspan invented high-performance insulation materials made of Resol. These allow smaller and space-saving wall structures by a reduction of 30 %. Furthermore, by using Kooltherm K20, new buildings can be constructed according to the newest energetic requirements.

The product accelerates the process of equipping precast concrete elements with proper insulations in an economic way. This is due to the different characteristics of the insulation panels: High compressive strength (less than 100 kPa at 10 % compression), a covering layer of nonwoven fabric that perfectly fits the production process as well as the concrete material, and the light and slim construction of the Kooltherm K20 make the manufacturing process easier and faster. Because of the good insulating properties of the panels, they obtain a lambda value of 0,020 W/(m·K), high energy efficiency classes can be achieved even with standard wall thickness. At the same time, the product offers high fire protection according to the manufacturer.

The slim construction of the product minimizes the required space during transportation and storage. Precast concrete elements insulated with Kooltherm K20, which are modular designs, can be installed very quickly. Therefore, the total construction time can be reduced, which leads to a reliable and precise construction planning. Kooltherm K20 insulation plates are flexible in terms of application and can easily be adapted to the architectural precast concrete design. That offers a larger degree of design freedom because every idea can be implemented precisely – very much to the architects’ delight, aiming to break new grounds with their projects in terms of energy efficiency.


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