Highly efficient hardening accelerator

Ha-Be Betonchemie has developed a highly efficient hardening accelerator for reinforced and non-reinforced concretes with the product Pantaquick C100 (BE). „We offer our customers a high-performance product with this admixture,“ says Ulrich Meyer, general manager of Ha-Be Betonchemie. „The product shortens the start of setting and hardening significantly and besides achieves a high early strength even at low temperatures. This allows reducing additional heat curing or even eliminates it at all.“

This entails remarkable advantages for the production of precast elements: On the one hand, the high early strengths make pallets quickly available for reuse with utilizing the formwork efficiently, thus increasing the production cycle. On the other hand, energy can be saved as no additional heat curing is necessary, hence reducing costs and CO2 emissions, according to him. Pantaquick C 100 (BE) in accordance with DIN 934-2 has been granted a national technical approval (Z-3.25-2138).


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