Habitat system for small animals – sales partner wanted

The construction company Renggli Bauunternehmung, located in Weisslingen, in Switzerland, around 25 km northeast of Zurich, the Swiss metropolis, supports the privately financed Conservation of Species Project (//" target="_blank" > Within the context of this project, the company has developed a patented habitat system for small animals, assembled of concrete modules specifically developed for this purpose. Twenty years of experience, observations and experiments went into the development, according to Renggli.

The Swiss company has developed types of models that can be combined with one another. Because the potential inhabitants, the small creatures, prefer different habitats, the program also includes a water module – for example, for frogs.

The hexagonal shape is common to all module types. While the height is identical for all five types, the footprint of all five types differs. All modules can be loosely connected with each other and loosely stacked without connections. The modules are maintenance-free, easy to move and weather-resistant.


ETH Zurich demonstrates functionality

The modules can be set up outdoors as design elements – as stairs, small walls, seating or as a decorative eye-catcher. “The modular, technical and visual possibilities are nearly unlimited,” as reported in a press release. “The space-optimized concrete element system offers solutions for upgrading and networking in agriculture and natural conservation.” Specific landscape planning enables creation of dry, damp and wet habitats.

The functionality of the habitat system – demonstrated in a bachelor thesis for ETH Zurich – is based on a prototype assembled from the elements manufactured by the company Renggli. In the next step, Renggli is now looking for a partner for processing the concrete and for sales. Interested companies are invited to get in touch with Renggli at the details stated under CONTACT.


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