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Issue 06/2017

Process and device for filling at least one ­perforated artificial masonry block

(10) DE 10 2015 013 404 A1 (22) 19.10.2015 (43) 20.04.2017 (57) Bei einem Verfahren zur Befüllung mindestens eines durchlochten künstlichen Mauersteins mit einem fluiden aushärtbaren Füllmaterial,...

Issue 12/2022

Device for producing concrete blocks

(10) US 2022/0274284 A1 (22) 17.05.2022 (43) 01.09.2022 (57) A device for producing concrete blocks, in particular con­ crete paving slabs, having a mold for filling with a concrete mixture, wherein...

Issue 03/2010

Concrete block machines

In the field of concrete block machines the RH 760, a totally new development, as well as the RH 2000-3 will be presented; this is the further development of the RH 2000-2. The high-end machine has...

Issue 02/2019 Joint-filling materials

Soiling of concrete block pavements

In the past, conventional materials normally used for filling the joints between block pavers and slabs were repeatedly found to cause discolorations of concrete paving products. Similar soiling can...

Issue 11/2012 Bisotherm GmbH

Filling robot increases production capacity

The increasing demand for the Bisomark masonry elements with built-in insulation forced Bisotherm GmbH to expand its production line at its facilities in the German city of Mülheim-Kärlich. For this...