Experience ensures continuity on the construction sites of the world

The company Dorner Electronic gets high marks as a competent partner with high-quality control systems for concrete mixing plants of all types. Among its customers are internationally active plant engineering firms, partner companies from the electrical engineering sector and firms from the construction materials industry. Dorner Electronic branches in Austria and Australia and its partners for service and support worldwide aew a step towards the company’s globalization.

In the field of precast concrete production, Dorner developed the standardized software DornerBatch, offering both small companies and large corporate groups the right solutions. By now, DornerBatch is available in 19 languages and is in use the world over. Short delivery times, quick familiarization and a continuous updating option save costs and valuable time.

Dorner – at home on the construction sites of the world

Dorner Electronic is market leader for control systems in Europe and offers DornerBatch and DornerControl software for standardized and complex ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete plants.

Dorner Electronic has made a name for itself in implementing national and international projects, in particular in most recent years:

Hungary: SW Umwelttechnik, Stoiser & Wolschner AG manufactures precast elements for infrastructure construction and upgrading above and below ground. SW concrete pipes are manufactured on state-of-the-art systems, and production is controlled by software from Dorner Electronic.

Jeddah/United Arab Emirates: Conmix Saudi Arabia Ltd. Co., an Arab company, banks on control systems from Dorner Electronic for controlling production of high-quality products in its precast production facilities. The strict requirements placed on high-performance concrete can be optimally controlled by Dorner software.

Germany: Max Bögel installed a new Liebherr system at its plants in Sengenthal and Bachhausen for precast production, both of which are controlled by two DornerControl systems. The company Max Bögl uses DornerControl for plants with demanding requirements placed on concrete quality.

RAIL.ONE – manufacturer of slab track systems for passenger, cargo and heavy-transport of railway sleepers for ballasted track up to special solutions for permanent ways – also controls its precast production with DornerBatch.

India: India is a gigantic growth market. More than 1000 new concrete plants are built in that country annually. Our partner in India currently erects from about 50 to 70 concrete plants every year, with upward tendency. All new plants are equipped with DornerBatch.  

Australia: Over the last 40 years, WA Limestone in western Australia has become one of the largest suppliers of road construction materials and lime in Australia. The new plant in Neerabup already operates with software from Dorner Electronic. At the beginning of 2018, two additional plants in Byford and Bayswater went into operation with DornerBatch.

Mexico: In Mexico, one of the world’s largest airports, with its six take-off and landing runways, is currently under construction. Two DornerBatch plants are in operation already at this stage.

Russia: Murexin GmbH in Russia is controlling its production of 220,000 tons of dry mortar with software from Dorner Electronic.

Laos: For the new construction of the Nam Theun power plant in Laos, four concrete plants are supplying a production quantity of 1,200 m³ per hour. In each plant, DornerBatch controls five aggregate scales, three cement scales, three water scales, four admixture scales. The fourth plant controls the required concrete quantities exclusively for implementation of construction site infrastructure with DornerBatch. At the end of a construction period of 56 months, a total production of 4,000,000 m³ of concrete is expected.


Concrete – the constructioon material for ideas

Dorner Electronic in Egg, Austria, has for more than 50 years been developing software for the construction materials industry for production control, scheduling, billing and laboratory operations. More than 2000 Dorner systems are in operation worldwide.


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