Europe is looking at precast
concrete elements

Dear readers of BFT International, we are delighted that the upcoming international BIBM Congress will again be organized by our joint Kongressgesellschaft BCF – Building Congress Forum. In a pitch with another publisher, we were able to convince the Executive Board of the European umbrella organization with new ideas and received a unanimous vote. The Congress will take place on 27 to 29 September 2023 in Amsterdam/Netherlands, the home country of the incumbent BIBM President Bart van Melick.

The tasks facing the industry are varied and challenging: climate change, decarbonation, CO2 neutrality – but also the digitization and fast construction needed, for example, to provide urgently required housing, as well as logistics and transport infrastructure for the coming decades.

The construction material concrete is under the critical scrutiny of policy makers, the public and movers in the building industry. Upstream and downstream decision-makers such as architects and contracting companies of the construction industry will therefore be actively included for the first time. Because convincing them of the benefits of precasting as a sustainable construction method will, be at the focus of this upcoming event of our industry in the Netherlands.

Mark the date in Amsterdam in your calendar already today. With your participation, it will become a very special event for precast concrete elements.

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