East Hungary development through MCT top-class

Budapest-based Market Építö Zrt. is one of the major Hungarian contracting companies, specialized in the design and construction of industrial, public, commercial, and logistics facilities. In the development process of the East Hungary region, a brand-new complete factory has been designed and realized with the highest quality technology and machinery by Prebeton Zrt., the asset within the Market Group looking after precast concrete elements fabrication. During this process, meant to start an industrial trend in the Heves province, the investment in the Erdo’’telek area was planned to create 100+ jobs by the installation of an advanced precast elements factory, including a complete batching plant, machines and accessories to produce precast walls, reinforced and prestressed beams, filigree slabs and stairs, including ancillary equipment such as a washout water reclaiming station and a complete laboratory, other than the complete offices to manage this operation. The recently inaugurated site is engaged in the production, assembly, and machining of precast reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. Its services include design, manufacture, delivery and assembly, enabling it to provide quality construction in a full range of structural projects. The key component of this new factory, the new complete batching plant to feed the entire operation, was studied in depth throughout the development process within the Market Group, selecting MCT Italy as the best partner for this important step for the group, meant also to strengthen their presence in the Hungarian construction business by starting a proprietary asset for the precast elements manufacturing.

After an intense and fruitful development process worked out in full partnership with the team in Budapest, MCT Italy designed, manufactured and supplied the entire concrete production unit, completely integrated with the production building, which cladding pattern is also enclosing the modules of the batching plant, providing an excellent architectural final aspect.

Flagship of the top-class technology

The plant is composed of an aggregate loading system with primary hopper, inclined conveyor and dispensing platform, automatically operated. The important aggregates storage has a total capacity of 500 m3 divided in 10 bins to handle enough materials and variety for the range of products manufactured. The components dosing systems are the flagship of the top-class technology of this plant, including aggregates weigh batcher fed by high accuracy extractors, polypropylene fibers dosing system integrated with the aggregates material flow, pneumatic granular pigments dosing system, volumetric systems for chemical admixtures, cement and water scales feeding both mixers, water volumetric devices to ensure the most accurate humidity and plasticity control. All these systems, as well as the other components of the plant are integrated in the common automatic control platform of the entire batching and mixing operations, featuring the last generation CompuNet software (fully operating in Hungarian language), which ensures the smoothest functioning of the automation for the timely production of the requested high-quality concrete for the demanding fabrication halls of the factory. The integrated and pre-fabricated control room was prepared at the MCT premises, together with the rest of the plant modules, in the standard pre-installation phase typical of the MCT approach, where all the plant components are being pre-wired, plumbed and tested before shipment, in order to ensure the proper working of all the modules (often prototypes customized for every project) and minimize/streamline the installation time on site.

The mixing section is composed by a redundant configuration of two planetary mixers of 1.5 and 0.75 m3 output per batch, which can guarantee the production requirements even during emergency or maintenance situations, other than having the flexibility of running differently colored concrete cycles. The automatic washing system including the special MCT cleaning heads, meant to preserve the nozzles from the nasty environment of the mixer tank during the concrete mixing phase, also ensure a quick and effective cleaning of the machines upon completion of the production session. Concrete delivery is performed by a range of means, requiring a good flexibility in the discharge tools, designed with a set of chutes optimizing the discharge height for every receiving device and minimizing the splashes.

The plant is completed by a considerable cement storage, composed by six silos for a total capacity of more than 350 tons, to handle several different binders required by the latest mix designs. MCT engineering skills once again won the challenge of efficiently designing the screw conveyor configuration.

On the architectural side, in order to match and complete the above-mentioned excellent aspect of the plant, the cement silos‘ configuration was enriched by a great and unique artwork, which emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the whole installation, which, while it is meant to develop the region, will not affect its environmental balances. This matter was particularly important in the Market Group evaluations during the project management and yet another factor for the selection of MCT as a partner, which solutions ensure the minimal impact on the environment with emissions and water collection control.

Full load and efficiency for a very long time

Eng. Alessandro DiCesare, Area Manager for MCT, comments: “The whole plant supporting structures, the aggregates storage and all the conveyors are hot dip galvanized, ensuring a long lifespan of the plant, which being the heart of the main factory meant to develop this Hungarian region, will need to operate at full load and efficiency for a very long time, fulfilling its important role for our partner and for this important market of ours. We at MCT fully understand the importance of our supplies in the assets of private companies as well as in the social fabric of the regions hosting them, so we do not compromise with anything concerning quality, efficiency and support. For this latter in particular, the expertise of our local partner FACT-Plus Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft. is a real added value, and it was a pleasure to engage this project development with them and with the whole Prebeton team. The teamwork and the creation of such partnerships is always paramount for the successful outcome of our projects”.

Proof of the commitment and success of the MCT approach in the Hungarian market is yet another new project secured and already work in progress at MCT‘s engineering department for the southern region.

MCT Italy S.r.l.
Via Perugia 105
06084 Bettona (Perugia)/Italy
+39 075 988551
PREbeton Zrt.
Hrsz. 0336/18
3358 Erdőtelek/Hungary
FACT-Plus Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Kft.
Vadgesztenye u. 6/A.
1046 Budapest/Hungary

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