Duct coupler for use with ducts in a wet joint of segmental concrete construction

(10) US 2021/0062941 Al

(22) 11.11.2020

(43) 04.03.2021

(57) A duct coupling system has a first concrete segment, a first duct positioned in the first concrete segment so as to have an end extending outwardly therefrom, a second concrete seg­ment, a second duct positioned in the second concrete segment so as to have an end extending outwardly therefrom in a direction toward the end of the first duct, and a tubular member slidably positioned over the ends of the first and second ducts so as to join the first and second ducts together in a liquid-tight relationship. The first concrete segment is positioned in spaced relation to the second concrete seg­ment. A wet joint is formed in the space between the first concrete segment and the second concrete segment. The tubular member is embedded in the wet joint.

(71) Felix Sorkin, Stafford; TX (US)

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