Discoloration of paving block surfaces –Case examples and their evaluation

In the last few years, the number of complaints about discolored concrete block pavements has increased considerably. On the basis of selected examples and current rules and regulations, this technical paper is dealing with several damages, which are not (always) in the responsibility of the manufacturer of concrete blocks, and it evaluates the damage patterns.

In the last few years, the number of complaints about discolored concrete block pavements has increased considerably [6], [7], [9], [10]. This raises the question why the number of complaints owing to discolorations has increased so much in recent years. The investigation of these damages reveals that the increase of such complaints is subject to different root causes:

1. Increased entitlement mentality on the part of customers;

2. Complaints as a means to cut expenses when installing pavements both in private areas (terraces, driveways) and in public paved areas, where neat streetscapes but...

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