Deltabeam’s innovator ­Kyckling retires

The Deltabeam composite beam is the most significant single product of Peikko Group. Deltabeams have been used in over 10,000 buildings worldwide, including in Europe, North America and Asia.

During its history of almost 50 years, Peikko has always wanted to develop its product portfolio and bring new precast technology-enhancing innovations to the market. In 1985, Jorma Kyckling was hired to Peikko. A composite beam named Deltabeam was designed under his guidance to be used in building frames, ideally together with hollow-core slabs. Full-scale Deltabeam production and sales started during 1989-1990. Since then, Kyckling has made a long career at Peikko, holding various international positions related to Deltabeam sales and product development.

“Rarely are there people like Jorma Kyckling who has had such an impact globally on the competitiveness and flexibility of precast construction. We at Peikko are proud and thankful of his innovations,” states Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Corporation.


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