Darmstadt Precast Days 2018 – successful transfer
of knowledge

For the eleventh year in succession, students and experienced designers returned to the classroom together during the Darmstadt Precast Days on March 8, 9, 15 and 16, 2018. Proven experts from research and the field imparted extensive and real-life know-how on structural precast concrete construction to the up to 60 participants attending on each day of the conference. The renowned advanced education event was again hosted by the Chair of Concrete Construction (Institut für Massivbau) at the Darmstadt University of Technology, the Information Center Concrete (InformationsZentrumBeton = IZB) and the Association of German Producers and Users of Concrete Precast Elements (Fachvereinigung Deutscher Betonfertigteilbau e.V. = FDB).

For the approximately 30 students of TU Darmstadt, attending the four days of the event was mandatory as part of their specialization phase. Gathering as much knowledge as possible from the event will be particularly rewarding for one of the students: in the summer of 2018, the FDB sponsorship prize for students will be awarded to the best graduate in the field of precast concrete construction. Offering a prize money of 500.00€, the FDB wishes to recognize and reward a special achievement in the course of the applicants’ studies. It is intended for further prizes to be awarded in the coming years. The FDB would be delighted to welcome other universities willing to apply for the sponsorship prize.


Sustainable construction using precast concrete elements

The modules of the four-day advanced education event focused on building with precast concrete elements “from the ordinary to the extraordinary”: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Graubner raised the question whether carbon concrete will be a material of the future. He reported on the development of carbon concrete and on the special features of this new building material, using built examples to describe its current use in precast concrete construction.

The first day of the event continued with the basics of planning. The subjects addressed included the bracing of precast element structures, sustainable construction using precast concrete elements, production, transport and assembly at the precast concrete plant, changes in building law, and BIM in precast concrete construction.


Prestressed precast structures

The following days shed some light on precast concrete structures (design, project team, classification, principles of construction, tolerances and slab systems) and on prestressed precast structures. Case examples of large logistics buildings in precast design illustrated the multi-faceted possibilities offered by precast concrete construction.

Due attention was also given to shear joints, concrete mix design, façades, structural fire design and connectors in precast concrete construction (engineering and design). Built examples of precast element façades produced from architectural concrete, paired with the lecture on the Design Atlas for Building Construction (thermal bridge calculation), made participants aware of the vital interplay between architectural ideas and technical conditions or requirements.


Program reflects state of the art

The speakers were available for an exchange of ideas with the seminar participants during the lectures, during the breaks and at the accompanying specialized exhibition.

The Darmstadt Precast Days are recognized as advanced education by the Chambers of Architects and Engineers of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, and by the Chamber of Engineers of Rhineland-Palatinate.

All information provided on the rule sets and specific requirements of structural precast concrete construction during the Darmstadt Precast Days generally reflects the current state of the art. The program is adjusted to the requirements of the industry on an annual basis.


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