Cubaro Grande: The new multi-purpose wall system

The new Cubaro Grande wall system conceived by Kann provides a large number of design options. Combining form and function in an intriguing manner, it fits exceedingly well with many other items of the Kann product range. Whether for decorative purposes, as a retaining or privacy wall – this garden wall system has all attributes required for state-of-the-art exterior design.

Cubaro Grande excels with its horizontal line pattern enhanced by the long and slender block format. This elegant appearance is complemented by a system of narrow joints. The wall system consists of the two-sided split-faced base and three-sided split-faced end elements, each 75 × 37.5 × 15 cm in size, as well as the three-sided split-faced half-end element. The shot-blast top element with split-faced sides forms an elegant coping.

Hollow blocks create a horizontal line pattern

Cubaro Grande is a hollow block system. The blocks are initially installed in a conventional process and subsequently filled with gravel or concrete to provide sufficient stability. Steel reinforcement is available for greater heights in addition to the concrete infill in order to strengthen the wall so that it can resist high loads. Combined with other suitable Kann products, this beautifully designed wall system fits exceedingly well into the overall range of customized contemporary design options.

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