Concrete tower

(11) EP 3 249 138 A1

(22) 15.01.2016

(43) 29.11.2017 Bulletin 2017/48

(57) The concrete tower comprises: a shaft (1) and a foundation (2). The shaft (1) is formed by two distinct segments: - an upper segment (11) comprised between an intermediate section (13) and an upper section (14) of the shaft (1); said upper segment (11) having post-ten­sioning interior tendons (3), tensioned between the inter­mediate section (13) and the upper section (14); and - a concrete lower segment (12) comprised between the in­termediate section (13) and a foundation (2); said lower segment (12) having post-tensioning and bracing exte­rior tendons (4), diverging towards the lower area, and which are attached by opposite ends to the intermediate section (13) of the shaft (1) and the foundation (2) of said lower segment. The foundation (2) comprises a concrete ring (21) having radial ribs (22) of variable edge.

(71) Ingecid, Investigación Y Desarrollo de Proyectos S.L. 39012 Boo de Piélagos (Cantabria) (ES)

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