Concrete structure manufacturing apparatus and method

(10) US2022/0055247Al

(22) 24.06.2019

(43) 24.02.2022

(57) The present relates to an apparatus for manufacturing 3-di­mensional concrete structures comprising a projection head (1) for spraying concrete material, wherein the projection head (1) comprises a projection nozzle (11) for spraying the concrete material and at least two guiding surfaces (12) provided on both sides of the projection nozzle (11) and defining a volume in between, such that the projection nozzle (11) is adapted to spray the concrete material into said volume, and wherein the projection head (1) is repeatedly moved along a predefined path by a control means and is configured to adjust the position of the two guiding surfaces (12) during the movement of the projection nozzle (11) so as to create a 3-dimensional concrete structure made of a plurality of projected concrete layers.

(71) MOBBOT SA, Fribourg (CH)


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