Concrete edging slabs for automated lawn maintenance

Robotic lawn movers undertake lawn maintenance more and more frequently. Hence, they save the garden owners time while doing the laborious job. Many times, however, a strip of high grass is left, in particular, in front of walls or palisades. Everybody feeling bothered by this view, so far, had to reach for a grass shear or lawn trimmer themselves. The concrete product manufacturer Christoph Betonwaren based in Freudenberg offers a simple remedy: special concrete edging slabs for robotic lawn mowers enable most automated garden tools to trim lawns flawlessly.

An even lawn edging made of concrete slabs leads to further advantages: The robotic lawn mowers travel particularly safe on the slab. They do not wobble or even get stuck in a soft bed. For garden owners who use a lawn tractor for the maintenance of their property, the edging slabs for robotic lawn mowers are quite reasonable too: Featuring a width of 24 cm, they are also suitable for larger tires and allow traveling along without any problems.

Experienced landscapers as well as hobby gardeners will be able to install the edging slabs for robotic lawn mower single-handedly. At a height of about 4.2 cm, the slabs are easy to handle and quickly installed. There is no need for trenching or pouring a foundation. Moreover, the wide range of colors includes the right shade for every garden – starting from neutral anthracite and gray to brown and red shades through to a pleasant white.


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