Concrete decorative process sheet and concrete decorative stamping member

(10) EP 3 862 156 A1

(22) 03.10.2019

(43) 11.08.2021 Bulletin 2021/32

(57) There are provided concrete decorating casting paper that improves the finish of a concrete surface, and a concrete decorating embossing material that easily im­parts a texture pattern via the aggregates exposed from the concrete and an uneven pattern to the concrete sur­face. Concrete decorating casting paper (10) acccording to an aspect of the present invention includes a substrate sheet (11) and cure retardant layer elements (13) which are formed in portions of a surface (11a) of the substrate sheet (11). The surface (11a) of the substrate sheet (11) has a wettability of 34 mN/m or more. A concrete decorating embossing material (1) according to an aspect of the present invention includes a substrate (2) and cure retardant layer elements (3). The substrate (2) includes a reverse structure (4) which is a reverse of an uneven pattern to be formed on a concrete surface. The cure retardant layer elements (3) ...

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