Concrete cuboidal foundation block for building houses

(11) GB (11)2571617

(22) 09.01.2019

(43) 04.09.2019

(57) A cuboidal foundation block 1 includes a first support surface 11 for supporting a structure assembled on the block, and a second laying surface 20 opposite the first support surface for laying on the floor of a foundation trench. The block comprises two elongate block supporting side portions 2 separated from each other and joined in parallel at each end by opposing end walls 3. The first support surface is a continuous unbroken surface and the side portions and the end walls are formed integrally from concrete. Each of the elongate side portions may be formed of two parallel side walls connected by at least three rib walls 7 defining at least two voids 6. The elongate side portions may be joined by an internal reinforcing wall parallel to the end walls, the end walls and reinforcing wall being integrally formed from concrete. The block may comprise a concrete mix by volume of 70% pumice and expanded clay together, 15% washed sand, and 15% cement. The block may be one-part and produced by compression molding. The block may be layed to form a double-skinned wall with a cavity between the walls.

(71) Besblock Limited (Incorporated in the United Kingdom) Heslop, Halesfield 21, Telford, Shropshire, TF7 4NF, United Kingdom

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