Colorful variety of topics

In this issue of BFT 5/2021, dear readers, we again try to offer you a variety of topics as colorful as possible. In keeping with the traditional key topic of our annual May issue, a total of 16 printed pages focus on underground construction. Berding Beton, for example, delivered 735 reinforced-concrete DN 3000 jacking pipes for a new 2.2-km sewer in Munich. PT Bonna Indonesia reports on the production and delivery of an impressive 7 km of reinforced-concrete pressure pipe for a power plant in Bangladesh. In addition, our South African colleague David Beer contributed for BFT a guest report on a prestressed-concrete bridge construction project near Cape Town.

You can additionally look forward to a detailed report from GTSdata. This software supplier equipped three concrete plants in Germany – Gilne (in Mettingen), Vetra (in Neermoor) and Max Bögl (in Hamminkeln) – with the modern ERP software Priamos for process optimization: from the offer to installation. KTI Plersch, moreover, presented energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions for increasing the quality of fresh concrete, while Pedax reported on a new center for double-bending reinforcing steel. Also crowned with success was an in-plant experiment carried out by Sonocrete. The innovative company in Cottbus, Germany, conducted a test run on sustainable acceleration of concrete hardening with an ultrasound premixer in the Mattig & Lindner precast plant.

This issue is rounded off with reports on customer references by Company Avermann, the Progress Group, and by MCT Italy from precast production – as well as with the traditional news and service contributions.

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