Code of Practice on Fire Safety – free download

The Fachvereinigung Deut­­scher Betonfertigteilbau e.V. (FDB; German Association for Precast Construction) has revised its Code of Practice on Fire Safety and renamed it to “FDB-Merkblatt Nr. 7 Brandschutz mit Betonfertigteilen” (FDB Code of Practice No. 7 on Fire Safety with Precast Elements). The revised version of July 2017 supersedes the previous issue of November 2012 (the original edition of this Code of Practice was published in September 2008). The Code of Practice comprises 20 pages. Interested users may download it for free from the FDB website at //www.fdb-fertigteilbau.de" target="_blank" >www.fdb-fertigteilbau.de:www.fdb-fertigteilbau.de.

The updated FDB Code of Practice contains a large number of structural details pertaining to joints and connections frequently used in precast construction but also fire safety specifications for typical precast components, such as minimum cross-sectional dimensions. The current version is based on Eurocode 2, Part 1-2 (DIN EN 1992-1-2) and also refers to the revised version of the DIN 4102-4:2016-05 standard.


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