Certified cargo-securing elements

Cargo securing is one of the central issues of transportation. In the sector of concrete inloaders, Faymonville and its PrefaMax is one the market leaders. In collaboration with TÜV Rheinland, the German technical control board, product research has now taken a further step towards achieving optimal cargo securing.

Centrifugal forces subject cargo to considerable stress, with a maximum achieved especially during cornering. Cargo-securing elements must be able to accommodate these applied loads. Optimized construction has now provided cargo-securing elements in the Faymonville PrefaMax with even greater stability. Recently, TÜV Rheinland officially certified that each of the three Faymonville PrefaMax elements fully secures 10-ton loads without additional securing devices in the form of tightening straps or chains.

Certification up to a payload of 30 tons

Cargo totaling 30 tons remains below the critical total weight limit, but Faymonville PrefaMax still guarantees optimal security for this weight. Using heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders and load cells, TÜV Rheinland subjected the material to a stress test, which it passed with no difficulties. All PrefaMax vehicles fitted with three securing elements can safely operate according to this official declaration. On request, with submission of their chassis number, customers can request Faymonville to inform them whether this certification applies to vehicles that they had previously purchased. And fleet vehicles fitted with only two securing elements can be retrofitted to obtain this certification as well. The basic codes of practice and standards for securing cargo, which are included in the operating instructions of PrefaMax, VDI 2700, or EN12195 must in any case be observed.

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