Brochure on colored architectural ­concrete surfaces

Architectural concrete gives a building “a face” and makes it unique. The new 28-page information brochure from Dycker­hoff Weiss – “Design and Construction of Colored Architectural Concrete Sur­faces” – illustrates the many possibilities that the new materials and processing techniques and advanced concrete technologies offer planners, designers, and processing companies.

Self-compacting concrete (SCC), ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC), architectural concrete, textile concrete, textured concrete, photo concrete, translucent concrete, fiberglass concrete, carbon concrete, and photocatalytic concrete that – in connection with the gigantic range of concrete compositions and processing techniques – especially challenge the creativity of planners, designers, and proc-essors. Requisite to all of this, however, is an understanding of the basic interrelationships that must be considered and observed in creating architectural concrete surfaces. In the new brochure by Dyckerhoff Weiss, the author, Stefan Heess, describes the work sequences to be observed for planning and tendering as well as execution – beginning with the concrete mix composition and proceeding from there with the formwork and reinforcement as well as surface processing and treatment – and extending to curing and assessment of the architectural concrete. The basis is the new DBV code of practice on architectural concrete “Sichtbeton,” issue of June 2015. The various construction principles for creating façades with precast elements are also described in detail.

The many photographs in the brochure illustrate how especially effective architectural concrete surfaces can be created with white Portland cement from Dyckerhoff Weiss. This cement is suitable as conforming to the standards for concrete, reinforced concrete, and prestressed concrete, and enables on-target manufacture of all concrete strength classes.

The information brochure can be downloaded from //www.dyckerhoff.com" target="_blank" >www.dyckerhoff.com:www.dyckerhoff.com or //www.dyckerhoff-weiss.com" target="_blank" >www.dyckerhoff-weiss.com:www.dyckerhoff-weiss.com. In printed form it is available free of charge from Dyckerhoff GmbH (see ­CONTACT).


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