Sika AG

Admixture production put into operation in St. Petersburg

Sika, a world-wide active manufacturer of process materials for sealing, gluing, attenuating, and protecting supporting structures, has opened a production plant in St. Petersburg in Russia. Delovoy Peterburg (DP), the prestigious Russian economic medium, reported at the end of September that Sika plans to manufacture in the northern Russian metropolis admixtures for concrete.

A vacant industrial building, storage facilities and a laboratory were rented for the production of the admixtures. The initial annual production capacity is 10,000 tons. Sika hopes to achieve this volume by the autumn...

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(11) EP 2 565 172 A1 (22) 30.08.2011 (43) 06.03.2013 (71) Sika Technology AG, 6340 Baar (CH) Sika Mexicana SA de CV, 76920 Corregidora/Querétaro (MX) (57) Waterreducing admixture for concrete,...