Accident prevention with Round Grab RG-75/125-Safelock

Standard commercial Round Grabs on constructions sites may fail to hold on to pipes so that pipes may slip out of the grip in critical situations. This may happen in cases of operator error, when pipes inadvertently hit the edge of the trench or the top of a support traverse for example. In such cases, the Round Grab load lightens, the rope slackens, and the pipe may slip out. On a regular construction site, it may not always be possible to keep workers at a safe distance during pipe installation. Very hazardous situations may develop when people work in the trench underneath a slipping pipe.

The Probst Company built the Round Grab RG-75/125-Safelock with safety latch, which excludes such hazards. The Round Grab maintains its full gripping force even in difficult situations and even in cases of grabber operating errors. The grabber prevents inadvertent slippage and release of the grabbed load reliably.

The mechanical Round Grab RG-75/125-Safelock is a complete innovation by the Probst GmbH. This expands the Probst product program adding a grabber for the installation of concrete pipes with outer diameters of 720 mm to 1,280 mm (28.4–50.4”). The adjustable height support guarantees the optimal grabbing position. In any case, a type of ratchet mechanism prevents the inadvertent opening of the gripping claws. The safety latch is automatically activated upon lifting of the load. Inadvertent latch deactivation is not possible. The clamping or gripping force will be in full force until the operator actively unlatches the safety mechanism. The operator may even apply a diagonal pull to correct the pipe position without jeopardizing the safety latch.

Load carrying capacity of 4,000 kg (8,818.5 lbs)

The ability to deactivate the safety latch directly from the carrying device is yet another innovative feature. The Round Grab eye runs inside a connection link with two hinge positions. One position is available for gripping with safety latch and the other position is available for the latch safety release and empty lifting. It is therefore not necessary to post a coworker in a precarious situation to deactivate the safety latch manually.

The Round Grab has a load carrying capacity of 4,000 kg (8,818.5 lbs.). The outer diameter is easily and continuously adjustable from 720 to 1,280 mm (28.3–50.4) using threaded spindles. Tempered steel paws ensure the secure gripping of the pipes. Optionally, customers who handle plastic coated pipes may replace the steel claws with rubber gripping paws.

Thanks to the lean design, the grabber can pick up even densely packed joint-sleeve pipes from the loading platforms of trucks. The grabber also performs in very narrow trenches.

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