(10) WO 2016/071847 Al

A joint between beam elements and column ­elements made of prefabricated reinforced ­concrete

(10) WO 2016/071847 A1

(22) 04.11.2015

(43) 12.05.2016

(57) A joint between beam elements (T) and column elements (C) made of prefabricated rein­forced concrete, basically comprises: a portion pre­fabricated with the beam (T), equipped with project­ing reinforcement rods (1); a portion prefabricated with the column (C), equipped with projecting rein­forcement rods (3); and a portion that can be com­pleted in situ. According to the invention, the cross section of the prefabricated beam (T), at the joint, widens gradually so that it is then divided into two prismatic elements with narrow...

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