70 years successful with special tools and equipment

70 years of Krenn – 70 years of competence in cutting steel. The medium-sized family company based in Neusäß near Augsburg in Bavaria manufactures one of the most diverse steel cutting programs in Europe. It all began with technical springs that the founder of the company, Albert Krenn sen., turned - at first manually, together with his wife Zenta - in his company established in 1947.

The production of springs was soon extended and investments in modern production machinery followed. Krenn looked for a suitable tool for cutting the hard spring steel and developed the patented three-edged exchangeable blade.

Supplier of a wide range of steel cutting tools

Krenn GmbH & Co. KG, as it is today, has positioned itself on the international market as a supplier of a wide range of steel cutting tools. Krenn offers high-quality special-purpose tools for cutting steel wire, round steel bars, welded wire mesh, wire ropes, steel strips, chains and cables. The company caters to the needs of the steel industry, the precast concrete sector as well as the construction machinery and construction equipment trade. Its export share lies at around 50 %.

In 1975 Albert Krenn jun., the son of the founder, took over the business. To strengthen the company’s financial position he stopped the production of springs and concentrated on the wire manufacture and processing industry and manufacturers of steel cutters. Krenn, by his own accounts, was the first supplier of cordless steel cutters in Europe.

To assert itself on the market, Krenn specialized increasingly on individual solutions to customers specifications, solved their cutting problems right on location and manufactured purpose-developed tools. Examples of this are steel cutters for opening packaging wires and straps with longer cutting head to meet the stringent safety requirements of the wire manufacturing and processing industry.

Creative solutions for high-performance cutting tools

In 2013, a new course was set for the future when Markus Krenn joined the company, who, as representative of the third generation, continues the family tradition and manages the company together with his father Albert Krenn.

The next important step in the company’s history was taken in 2015, when Krenn took over the steel cutting and testing press division of Kamax Tools & Equipment GmbH & Co. KG and extended the product range by additional hydraulic equipment of the Kamax brand for cutting and straightening steel as well as hydraulic presses for compression testing of materials.

“We look positively into the future, because we are well-positioned and able to meet the demanding requirements of our customers with our creative solutions,” says Managing Director Albert Krenn.

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