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50 years of thread systems

For the past 50 years, Pfeifer has been supplying industrially manufactured lifting anchors to the precast construction industry. Thread systems originate in the development of an anchor sleeve and a lifting loop, that provided the user one of the first qualified lifting anchor systems in the 1960s being a standardized and reliable option for the handling of precast elements. Up to that point in time, homespun, hardly functional lifting anchor solutions made of wire rope or reinforcement steel leftovers were used almost exclusively.

In the subsequent years, Pfeifer has concentrated on the further development and optimization of the system so that, up to the present day, there is a wide range of products available for almost every application. In the development stage, great importance was attached to combining a maximum customer benefit with an adequate and contemporary safety level. In this connection, several products were developed that are standard in the industry meanwhile. These are for example:

The round thread–  It was an absolute innovation at that time

Color coding  –  For easy color assignment of anchors and lifting devices

Swivel eyes  –  For safe installation of wall elements

Waved anchors  –  For especially thin wall elements

Super anchor system  –  For an especially slender anchor design

At Pfeifer, comprehensive test series always were the basis for the corresponding technical documentations. They constitute the high quality of the application documents and advice since then. This was fully appreciated as general state of the art and became a statutory obligation for the first time by the new VDI Guideline VDI/BV-BS 6205 worked out in Germany that governs the application, the dimensioning and the production of lifting anchor systems. Now, manufacturers are obliged to carry out internal tests and issue documentations based on this guideline. Then, the approved rope and lifting system gets the CE marking, which confirms the conformity according to the European Machinery Directive.

Consequently, on the occasion of the trade fair BAU in Munich, technical data sheets have currently been prepared for the thread system and WK anchor system as well as detailed instructions for installation and use. In this respect, it was aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the guideline VDI/BV-BS 6205 to the maximum extent. An innovative navigation was developed as part of the redesign of these technical data sheets. Now, the user will find the perfect product for his application through a selection menu indicating various problem definitions.

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