Color dosing with mobile equipment

Colored architectural concrete is becoming increasingly popular. The production of colored concrete, however, is in many ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete production facilities more often than not a project-related special solution, rather than a standard product. Permanently integrated dosing systems for liquid colors do therefore not always pay off. In such cases, mobile color dosing equipment is an economically attractive solution.

Mobile color dosers are made available to concrete manufacturers project-related on a rental basis by such service-oriented color suppliers as Ha-Be Betonchemie GmbH & Co. KG. And because the equipment can be integrated into the existing production process, no complex interference with the process control system of the plant is required.

Mobile color dosing plants are closed-systems with their own fully-automated, semi-automated or manual control. In general, volumetric systems with semi-automated control are used. These systems consist of a delivery container, a standard container with integrated pump, a bypass valve, a filler valve in the mixing tower and a control in the machine room. The control system regulates dosing of the calibrated amount of liquid color in the compulsory mixer and enables the plant operators good dosing precision. 

A bypass valve is included in the standard equipment so that the liquid color can also be used over longer periods of time. The color can be recirculated if required. Moving the color suspension at regular intervals prevents the solids in the color suspension from settling and ensures a homogeneous aggregate state.

As soon as the color in the floor-mounted container is used up, the ball valve of the delivery container is opened and the liquid color discharges under its own weight into the floor-mounted container. Empty delivery containers are simply removed from atop the floor-mounted container by forklift or wheel loader and exchanged for a full container.

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