Compact dosing and mixing plant

When the Teknologisk Institute in Denmark decided to install a state-of-the-art concrete laboratory, Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S was chosen to supply a concrete batching and mixing plant. The plant was to be ultra-compact and at the same time capable of manufacturing concrete in the same way as the conventional large concrete plants used by concrete producers. An unconventional approach had to be taken to solve this task.

The plant now looks as follows: The aggregate is dosed by 5 aggregate silos. Every silo has an exchangeable container large enough to hold the contents of one Big Bag. The silos can be easily exchanged by forklift. In this way it is possible to attach a virtually endless number of different containers with aggregate. Powder dosing takes place via 4 containers. Each one of them can be filled with cement either from bags or Big Bags. Apart from powder dosing, the plant can dose 4 types of admixtures, recycling water, fresh water and color slurries. The plant is very compact and maintenance-friendly and can be accessed on both sides on a steel platform. Together with a robot, which can fabricate molds, the plant in the concrete laboratory of the Teknologisk Institute in Taastrup, Seeland can be used for testing aggregate and concrete mix designs.

Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S
Haarupvej 20
8600 Silkeborg/Denmark
+45 86 84 62 55

Danish Technological Institute 2630 Taastrup/Denmark
Att. Claus Pade
+45 72 20 21 83



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