Upswing through expansion

Manufacturers of AAC products focus on broader product lines

In difficult business times, many manufacturers of ­autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) increasingly focus on expanding their product lines. In addition to business with conventional masonry blocks in many markets, there is growing demand for large-size structural components. This demand, for example, can be easily and successfully met by extending the Vario Block range of products by Masa.

Many customers who, as newcomers, have invested in recent years in the AAC market, had focused from the very start on the manufacture of large-size structural products, in addition to masonry blocks. Among this product group are high-precision units; lintels; roof, wall, and floor elements; as well as story-high interior-wall panels. The advantages of these additional products for AAC manufacturers lies essentially in item costs for these products that are clearly more advantageous than those for conventional masonry units. Clients benefit from shorter erection times (more m² per hour...

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