Concrete curing in a chamber system

Precast concrete plant of Progress relies on the curing system of CureTec

Not only industry experts have a high conception of the names “progress Maschinen & Automation”, “EBAWE Anlagentechnik” and “tecnocom”. These companies have already realized many plants for the precast concrete industry all over the world. What they have in common: all three companies are subsidiaries of the Progress group of companies based in Brixen, South Tyrol (Italy).

The headquarters of the group of companies, however, attracts also attention with a modern precast concrete plant. The Progress group is not only successful as a manufacturer of machinery all over the world but is also the regional market leader among the manufacturers of precast concrete elements – especially precast wall and floor elements – as well as in the construction of buildings made of precast concrete. Since the company foundation in 1961, Progress has developed to one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete elements in Italy. The company’s quality principle and the customer orientation now secure a leading market position in the region.

The carrousel plant, installed between November 2010 and March 2011, is operating according to state-of-the-art technology and was implemented by Ebawe Anlagentechnik as well as progress Maschinen & Automation. The plant is equipped with a shuttering and stripping robot of the latest generation, a mesh welding plant, a fully-automated lattice girder production machine, an automated concrete distributor and automated turning equipment. This carrousel plant comprises furthermore curing chambers with a capacity of 70 production boards. The plant is used for the production of floor and wall elements.

CureTec supplied the heating and air moistening system “ConCure” for the curing chambers. The ConCure system heats the chamber air and at the same time provides for a uniform temperature inside the chamber by means of a permanent air circulation. This recirculation air system sucks in the chamber air at the lower parts of the chamber, heats it by means of a heat exchanger, moisturizes it, if necessary, and blows it back into the chamber at different levels equally.

The geographic position made these configurations necessary, as the production facility is located in a valley, planning and design of the hot air heating had to be adjusted to the mostly prevailing low air humidity. The curing systems of CureTec provide special advantage for the curing of concrete under these humidity conditions as well as other crucial factors. The specialist in concrete curing domiciled in Germany provides a large number of innovative solutions for the concrete industry. By means of adjusting heat, humidity and air circulation, among other things, it is possible to obtain a higher and earlier strength of the concrete, lesser fracture and sturdy edges, and to realize cement savings of up to 10 %.

The entire plant was adapted to the customer requirements. “We get very good results with the system, and the price-performance ratio is perfect,” says factory manager Siegfried Mitterrutzner. “We were also convinced by the support and service of CureTec”. According to Mitterrutzner, the market for sales of the precast concrete elements manufactured is rather reserved at present, but in the future, the factory expects an even higher degree of utilization of the production that is operating so far in one shift. The Brixen-based precast concrete plant of Progress will anyway be prepared as good as possible for such a bright future and looks into the future with optimism.¢


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